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"The demon sitting" 2020
Attention! This is NOT a printed work! Completely, handmade!
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● 2020
● Сharacter
● Size: 100x140cm
● Сanvas
● The painting was created with a palette knife and a brush
High-quality artistic digital printing
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The print is made on high-quality SIHL 320 gsm cotton paper.
Sihl is a European manufacturer of premium art materials.
Made in Germany

Printed in a professional studio in Moscow

Dimensions: 297×420 mm (11.7×16.5 inches) A3
Edition: 117 pieces
Available: 114 pcs.

On each print, the artist SiD MR17 manually puts his trademark with the help of aerosol cans and puts his signature. Each print has its own unique serial number.

This print is perfect for adding to your art collection

The work points to a parallel between the artist and the demon of a legendary painting by Vroubel, because the artist, just like the demon, is "a spirit not so much evil as suffering and sad, with a whole domineering and majestic spirit" (Vroubel). The artist chooses the role of an observer, who questions reality and penetrates into its essence and at the same time he carries the burden of human passions with the power of creation.

L'ouvre désigne un parallèle entre l'artiste et le démon de la toile légendaire de Vroubel, car l'artiste, tout comme le démon, est «un esprit pas tant malfaisant que souffrant et triste, avec tout un esprit dominateur et majestueux» (Vroubel). L'artiste choisit le rôle d'un observateur, qui questionne la réalité et pénétre dans son essence et au même-temps il porte le fardeau des passions humaines avec le pouvoir de création.

Параллель между художником и демоном с легендарного полотна Врубеля, ведь художник, как и демон - « дух не столько злобный, сколько страдающий и скорбный, при всем этом дух властный, величавый » (Врубель). Художник в некоторой мере занемеют позицию наблюдателя. подвергая сомнению реальность, проникая в ее суть, он несет в себе груз человеческих страстей и мощь силы создания.
Сontemporary Art Gallery by SiD MR17
FREE shipping. Worldwide delivery ✈
"The demon sitting" 2020
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Contemporary Art by ARTIST

SiD MR17////

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In his work SiD explores the universe with an ironic, sometimes bitter approach. By playing with bold colours, mixing different textures and combining symbols from various contexts he creates a universal artistic language perceivable by people from all over the globe.

SiD pierces, criticises and transforms the world around us in order to question its very essence and humans' place in it. This self-taught artist became a true self-made man in some very short terms. Born in Moscow in 1985 he starts his professional activity in IT.

At the age of 30 he feels that his vocation lays far beyond his corporate everyday life and abandons everything to start this great adventure in art. The energy of SiD's artworks quickly seduces art buyers and today his creations are acquired by many collectors including businessmen, movie stars, politicians and TV-channels worldwide.

"Welcome to my WORLD!"
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