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Designer Art by SiD. Contemporary Art.
"I Have Already Given Ethereum To You" 2019
● 2019
● Сharacter
● Size: 100x140cm
● Сanvas
● The painting was created with a palette knife and a brush
● Acrylic paint and oil
● The painting is covered with glossy lacquer

"I am sure that this painting will pass from generation to generation.
Invest in art."
A few words about the picture

I read about the reputation of this person (Vitalik Buterin) in the circles of those who really stand at the origins of the crypto industry, and these are not commendable reviews.

I know that too. Maybe this criticism deserves, especially if you have joined some kind of ICO and what it is. Anyone who encounters an ICO knows how many scams there are. I read that "99% of the ICO is a scam."

The more I studied this, the more I realized that the technology was not to blame. Everything is confused by people who are chasing quick profits and for the sake of this they are going to open fraud. Perhaps the time of the ICO just did not come.

This time will come when people understand that this is a serious thing, when other people have deceived you, that once deceived, no one will believe you anymore.

● The picture is painted on a professional canvas of natural medium-grained cotton.
The canvas is stretched on a thick pine stretcher.
● The painting is delivered worldwide by reliable logistics companies
● The canvas is securely Packed in strong specialized cases.
● Together with the picture sent a certificate of ownership of the painting from the
artist to the buyer, with the signature of the artist and the name of the new owner.
Designer Art by SiD. Contemporary Art.
"I Have Already Given Ethereum To You" 2019



I AM AN ARTIST...........

//// ///// ////// /////// //////// /////
● I try to reflect topics and questions that interest and excite me in my paintings.

● If you look at my work more deeply to study the description of the meanings of the paintings, you can see the following topics in my paintings: progress, humanitarian values, love, philosophy, fashion, art history, social problems, artist's internal experiences.

● My concept is to attract the viewer as much as possible to a work of art.

● I want people to be able to feel the whole idea of the picture, to pay attention to the subtleties, and in my paintings there are a lot of small, barely noticeable details, which contain various meanings ...

● You only have to stop for a moment, look at the canvas and think, then you can penetrate into the darkest and most hidden corners of the artist's brain.

Welcome to My Workshop
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